On Friday 15th April, members of Matlock Hospitals League of Friends were treated to a performance by local jazz musician Gerry Kreibich of a piece of music he created especially for the League.  ‘Journalism, Music and all that...’ was the subject of Gerry’s well-received talk at the Annual General Meeting of MHLOF held at the Presentation Convent in Matlock.

Gerry explained that the melody for the piece was inspired by the tune created from the notes of the scale that are present in the words ‘League of Friends’ (E,A,G,E,F,F,E,D) which he then adapted into a jazz arrangement and sonata for the League.

The Secretary and Treasurer had earlier reported on another successful year of campaigning and also receipt of a number of generous legacies.  Ongoing reorganisation of the NHS following the General Election had led to delay in allocation of funds, but it was confirmed that The Secretary and Chairman of the League are on the Project Team for the reconfiguration of The Whitworth Hospital.  The Chairman gave thanks to the committee for their support and valued contribution through the years and also to the Sisters from the Convent for their warm hospitality. 

MHLOF Members with Gerry Kreibich at the piano