Very sorry to report that the I&S Committee at Derbyshire County Council voted today *not* to refer the closure of Darley Birth Centre to the Secretary of State for Health.

Mark Todd and David Sharp took questions from the committee, mostly on the issues of the proposed savings and arrangements for ante and post-natal care after the closure. Reports from the Government Gateway organisation and the National Clinical Advisory Panel also seemed to help the committee understand and decide on the issue.

The PCT did admit to a number of failings in the way that they had handled the Engagement process and for the first time confirmed that choice would be reduced rather than asserting that the Alongside Midwife-led Unit (AMU) at Chesterfield maintained the level of choice.

After an hour or so a vote was taken but it was not a close vote, with a clear majority voting not to make the referral. The committee Chair did warn that it expected to be fully engaged, along with the local GPs over the arrangements for the the ante and post-natal care.