The ISC heard a renewed presentation from the PCT at the meeting.   The ISC’s major concerns prior to the meeting had been:

(i) Lack of concrete plans on ante and post-natal care if Darley was to close
(ii) Lack of breakdown of how the PCT arrived at their suggested saving

There was a small amount of extra detail on the ante and post natal care, but nothing fresh on the costings and it is fair to say that the committee was not at all happy with that.  The PCT had provided a paper at the eleventh hour which was described by the ISC Chairman as ‘not worth the paper it is written on’!   Some of the usual subjects (weather/travel/promotion/usage etc) were discussed and then two items were voted upon.

(i) Has the Engagement been adequate?
No – 8 votes
Yes – 3 votes

(ii) Is the proposal [to close] in the interests of the Health Service in Derbyshire?
No – 5 votes
Yes – 3 Votes
Abstention – 3 votes

The ISC cannot directly stop closure, but the PCT should take “due regard” of the ISC’s position.  If the PCT vote to close Darley at their Board Meeting on 07.12.2011, the ISC would, in turn, at their next meeting decide whether to refer the matter to the Secretary of State.