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This was scheduled for 22nd May 2020 but has been postponed
due to the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) 

New time and date : 7.30pm 18th September 2020
The Convent, Chesterfield Road
Matlock DE4 3FT

Car Parking
The extended car parking (funded by the League) at The Whitworth was opened by The Duke & Duchess of Devonshire on 5 October 2019.

Thank you to all that support, make donations and leave legacies.

12 Whitworth Beds retained

It has proved very difficult to implement the proposed ward at Chesterfield and the CCG  looked at other options.  At the CCG Board Meeting on 13th December 2018 they finally agreed to amend their plan to:

12 beds - Whitworth Hospital (Oker Ward) 😃
12 beds - Clay Cross
08 beds - Buxton (as originally planned)

Orchard Cottage under threat?

Our local Clinical Commissioning Group is reviewing the Learning Disability Short Break service.

The CCG clearly feel the service is not good value for money or fair in that other areas in Derbyshire do not have NHS operated respite centres.

The second liaison with users has been delayed and it is 'business as usual' at the moment.

What is a Clinical CommissiongGroup  (CCG)  ?

In layman's terms they decide what to spend the available money on. 

They order ("commission") services from NHS Trusts such as Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS) which actually operate Whitworth Hospital.

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS) also operate Orchard Cottage.

The CCG hold the purse strings.
NHS Derby & Derbyshire CCG

The 4 separate CCGs in Derbyshire merged on 1st April 2019 to form NHS Derby & Derbyshire CCG 

Substantial savings are still required and plans are regularly aired at the Derbyshire County Council Health Scrutiny Committee meetings.

The Derbyshire Sustainability and Transformation plan (STP) has been refreshed in late 2019 - there remains doubt over the long term future of Community Hospital beds.
Member Documents

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