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Better Care Closer to Home Consultation
(21C Joined Up Care)

The Whitworth and Clay Cross Hospitals are scheduled to lose their 
in-patient beds. 

Newholme (Bakewell) and Bolsover Hospitals are in the process of being shut completely.

What is a Clinical Commissiong Group  (CCG) ?

They were created following the Health and Social Care Act in 2012, and replaced Primary Care Trusts on 1 April 2013. They are clinically-led statutory NHS bodies responsible for the planning and commissioning of health care services for their local area.

In layman's terms they decide what to spend the available money on.  They order ("commission") services from NHS Trusts such as Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust which actually operate Whitworth Hospital and Orchard Cottage.  The CCG hold the purse strings.
ORCHARD COTTAGE under threat
Recent focus has been on Oker Ward at The Whitworth Hospital but our local Clinical Commissioning Group has now issued a review of the Learning Disability Short Break service. 

The CCG clearly feel the service is not good value for money or fair in that other areas in Derbyshire do not have NHS operated respite centres.

 NHS North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group
The most recent Annual Sssessment of CCGs was published in July 2018, and, as in 2017:
  • NHS North Derbyshire CCG rated Inadequate
  • Since  14th August 2017  NHS North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group has been under special  
    "Legal Directions" by NHS England
Also, the four CCGs in Derbyshire have a plan to merge into one organisation.  They alreay have a single Chief Executive Officer in place so this appears to be no more than a formality.  The consultation period was very short, from 25th July to 14th August 2018.

Our response to the Better Care Closer to Home Consultation

MHLOF-21C-Response-Clarification.pdf MHLOF-21C-Response-Clarification.pdf
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MHLOF-21C-Response.pdf MHLOF-21C-Response.pdf
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Privacy Policy
New legislation May 2018

MHLOF-DataProt-PrivacyPolicy.pdf MHLOF-DataProt-PrivacyPolicy.pdf
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MHLOF-DataProt-Consent.pdf MHLOF-DataProt-Consent.pdf
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The Derbyshire Sustainability and Transformation plan

Derbys_STP_v2.1_2_.pdf Derbys_STP_v2.1_2_.pdf
Size : 2485.709 Kb
Type : pdf

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