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The Minor Injury Unit is now an
Please use NHS 111 first

The Centre is open 8am - 8pm
7 days a week
365 days a year

What is a Clinical CommissiongGroup  (CCG)  ?

In layman's terms they decide what to spend the available money on. 

They order ("commission") services from NHS Trusts such as Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS) which actually operate Whitworth Hospital.

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS) also operate Orchard Cottage.

NHS Derby & Derbyshire CCG

The 4 separate CCGs in Derbyshire merged on 1st April 2019 to form NHS Derby & Derbyshire CCG 

12 Whitworth Beds retained

It has proved very difficult to implement the proposed ward at Chesterfield and the CCG looked at other options. 

At the CCG Board Meeting on 13th December 2018 they finally agreed to amend their plan to:

12 beds - Whitworth Hospital (Oker Ward) 😃
12 beds - Clay Cross
08 beds - Buxton (as originally planned)

In 2022 Oker Ward at the Whitworth continues to offer in-patient care.
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UTC Upgrades

Provision of 2 further treatment rooms for the Urgent Treatment Centre has been completed.  Nurses Chiara and Fiona are photographed  in one of the new rooms (previously an office).

The League has funder the conversion including plumbing for the new sinks, the Patient Observation 'Dinamap' devices and the foor covering.


Car Parking

The extended car parking (funded by the League) at The Whitworth has been opened by The Duke & Duchess of Devonshire.

Thank you to all that support, make donations and leave legacies.
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