The Whitworth Hospital

This community hospital continues to provide an Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) (formerly a Minor Injuries Unit).

Various out-patient clinics are held at the site inlcuding  X-ray, Podiatry, Ultrasound, Phlebotomy (blood tests) and Ophthalmology. 

There is also a busy Physiotherapy department and Oker Ward provides inpatient care for those who are ill or recovering from illness and operations.

  • Click Here for NHS info on Whitworth Hospital
  • Click Here for NHS info on The Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) [formerly Minor Injuries Unit (MIU)]

Some of the projects/items we have funded:

  • Building works for Physiotherapy improvements (2023)
  • Building works for Ultrasound Suite 
  • (2023)
  • Upgrades to UTC rooms (plumbing, floor coverings)
  • Pergola at front as additional Waiting Area
  • Additional 23 car parking spaces
  • Inpatient beds, 2 with lateral control
  • Building of X-ray & Physiotherapy units
  • Extension of the Minor Injuries Unit (UTC/MIU) department and installation of the Children's Room
  • Pulse oximeters and Digital Thermometers
  • Extension and refurbishment of the Physiotherapy unit including new Reception Area with self check in device and gym equipment 
  • Bed tables, other furniture, curtains and bed coverings for Oker ward
  • Portable Ultrasonic Scanner for Podiatry & UTC/MIU
  • Ophthalmic Humphrey Field Analyzer 3



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