The Whitworth Hospital

This community hospital continues to provide an 
Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) (formerly a Minor Injuries Unit)
that is open 8am to 8pm daily 7 days a week.

Various out-patient clinics are held at the site inlcuding X-ray, Podiatry and Ophthalmology. The busy and recently refurbished Physiotherapy department brings this important service to The Dales.  

Oker Ward provides inpatient care for those who are ill or recovering from illness and operations.

Click Here for NHS information on 
The Whitworth Hospital

Click Here for NHS information on
The Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC)
[formerly the Minor Injuries Unit (MIU)]

Some of the projects/items we have helped fund:

  • Upgrades to UTC rooms (plumbing, floor coverings)
  • Pergola at front as additional Waiting Area
  • Additional 23 car parking spaces
  • Ophthalmic Humphrey Field Analyzer 3
  • Portable Ultrasonic Scanner for Podiatry & UTC/MIU
  • Inpatient beds, 2 with lateral control
  • Building of X-ray & Physiotherapy units
  • Extension of the Minor Injuries Unit (UTC/MIU) department and installation of the Children's Room
  • Conservatory (Oker Ward)
  • Pulse oximeters and Digital Thermometers
  • Extension and refurbishment of the Physiotherapy unit including new Reception Area with self check in device and gym equipment 
  • Bed tables, other furniture, curtains and bed coverings for Oker ward



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